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It can be a headache to choose what to wear this spring. You might end up to be too warm in a long coat, especially when going indoors and too cold to wear just a shirt or a t- shirt. A blazer is the choice for this spring because of it’s versatility. A blazer can adapt to all kinds of occasions whether as an evening wear or casual wear. With all kinds of blazers out there in the shops and online sure you will find some that will suit your occasions and the rest of your clothes.

Blaze Through The Spring

Jay Chou

William Chan

Blazers have been around for many years and I’m sure you will find one or two in your wardrobe somewhere. So you guys won’t need explaining what one is. Dig out that blazer and check out the fitting, as this is an very important issue to your whole style. It can ruin your look if your blazer is too big, it will make you look like you stole your dad’s. Putting any blazer on isn’t the key, so a well fitted blazer is very important here.

How should a blazer fit? From past experience and  specialist’s advice, first you should choose a correct chest size. Make sure to measure your chest. when trying on the blazer, an easy way of finding out whether a blazer is a good fit or not with limited tools is by using your hand. Put the blazer on, button up and put you hand on your chest. A good fit should leave a gap just enough to fit your hand through. By that, the gap is when your palm is touching your chest and the top of your hand is touching the inside of the blazer. Hope you get what I mean. it’s a very small gap.

The other important issue for a well fitted blazer is where the blazer cuff should rest. The cuff would be too long if it’s resting against the back of the hand, and it should never touch the base of your palm. That would look pretty ridiculous. Get to the point? The blazer cuff should rest 1.5cm to 2cm before reaching your hand. This will allow you to show your shirt to give layering, or if it’s the casual look (with t-shirt inside) then it will allow you to show off your watch and accessories.

If you’re wearing a shirt with a blazer, then that leads us to a tricky question. How much sleeve should be shown? This is tricky because it can vary from 1cm to 4cm, which is quite some gap. But you don’t have to buy extra long sleeve shirts or wear a larger size. Should never do that. The main point is well fitted. The length of the sleeve should fit your arm properly and rest at the base of your palm. In the photos above, Jay Chou and Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon) have kindly demonstrated “the shirt and blazer look.”

So If you’re looking for a blazer, it’s important to note the above points. don’t get sucked in by certain brand names with an expensive price tag. If they fit well, then go for it. Just don’t make yourself look silly. For more ideas of how a blazer can match your whole outfit. Check out the photos above of Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, William Chan and Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon) in Blazers. The photos shows both smart and casual ways of wearing a blazer.

There are a lot of designs available in shops and online, from unique to the obvious and timeless black, grey and navy. I came across some interesting ones browsing online. I personally like the look of slim fitted blazers as it makes you look more agile, less clumsy and well fitted. Some interesting ones I came across which include chequered, bright colours, crinkled and some even with ¾ length sleeves. If you don’t yet own a blazer or looking for an new one, here are some I picked out:



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Vertically challenged Hong Kong comedic favorite Wong Cho Lam (Connected, La Lingerie) makes his leading man debut in the romantic laughfest Short of Love. Directed by James Yuen (Heavenly Mission), Short of Love takes a page from the star-studded “chasing girls” romantic comedies of the eighties and nineties, lining up young and beautiful actresses as foils for Wong’s goofs and gags. Race Wong (True Women For Sale), Kate Tsui (Eye in the Sky), JJ Jia (La Lingerie), Lynn Xiong (Ip Man), and popular models Angelababy and Chrissie Chau play the objects of affection, with Tsui giving an especially memorable performance during her Moment of Romance parody segment. TVB personalities Louis Yuen and Cutie Mui, comedic duo I Love You Boyz, and singers Ella Koon, Louis Cheung, and Eddie Ng add to the fun in supporting roles.


Short Of Love DVD – All region

Price: US$16.99 [~£10.77]

Available here: http://tinyurl.com/yhuoyok

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農夫 ( Fama )’s  latest album O’FAMA

Hong Kong rap duo FAMA are back with their latest album O’FAMA since Fu Jia Tian Xia in 2008. Produced by Edison Chen, the new Cantonese album comes with 10 tracks including the main plug “Showbiz Murder Mystery”, I Believe U Can Fly, and Dream Girl in two distinctive versions by 6-wing and C-kwan respectively. The title track has garnered much attention for it features the voices of celebrities such as Edison, DJ Tommy, Mak Ling Ling, Dodo Cheng, Eric Tsang, Eason Chan, and Andy Hui.


US$17.99 [~£11.40]

Limited First Press Special Version comes in special packaging. Buy it now!

Visit: http://tinyurl.com/ygj7z9v

Here is their hot hit single, I believe u can fly:

From the MV, this ablum seems very different to Fama’s previous albums. Much more focused on the music and very different to the other cantonese music out there.YoYoasia likes this!

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Sammi Cheng latest album faith is proving it’s gonna be a great one, featuring top hit single 上帝早已預備. This single is currently topping the HK yahoo music chart.

Towards the end of 2009, Canto-pop diva Sammi Cheng finally releases her first studio album in years with Faith, with which Sammi offers a new pop sound that could also be her most spiritual yet! As a harbinger for her 2009-2010 Love Mi world tour, the highly anticipated new album contains 11 tracks of pop-flavored gospel songs through which Sammi shares with listeners her refreshed insights on life. Backed by People Mountain People Sea, here Sammi collaborates with a group of different musicians, including MC Yan on the concert theme song “Believers Are Sure Of Love”, 24Herbs on “Crime And Punishment”, Ivana Wong on “The Outcome”, and Chow Yiu Fai on “Amen”. Sammi also covers Zac Kao’s “Don’t Disturb Love”.

Price: US$17.99 [~£11.52]

Now available on: http://tinyurl.com/ykcampb

This version comes with a bonus DVD containing 11 songs performed at the Sammi MOOV Live 2009 concert, plus 4 music videos.

上帝早已預備 Lyrics

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The origins of Hong Kong Hip Hop actually date back to the late 80’s with the formation on Softhard the rap partnership between Jan Lamb and MC H (Eric Kot). Jan as we all know is now a successful radio DJ and Kot was or shall i say ‘is’ still a successful comedian and actor.

Sure it was these two who broke out hip-hop and brought it to the masses via Cinepoly but were they ever taken seriously as artists or lyricists? Maybe not – So hip-hop in Hong Kong needed some raw talent and swagger to step up it’s game.

Introducing the mighty LMF (lazymuthafucka) formed in the early nineties at a time when badass behaviour was rife in Hong Kong influenced massively by the Young and Dangerous series. It provided the perfect environment for the rap/rock clan to flourish and be signed by Warner Music (1999). LMF were not the usual mainstream Hong Kong artists, far from  being manufactured , preened, floppy hair pretty boys who pretended not to have a set of balls!

They were genuine hip-hop fans, musicians and artists consisting of such esteemed members as DJ Tommy (talented DJ), MC Yan (distinctive looking and sounding lead singer of N.T), Kit (MC) and even Sam Lee (Actor).  The group became more of a ‘community’ likened to a Chinese ‘Wu Tang’ Clan.

The sound of LMF was very unique, a mash up of hip/hop , metal, rock and even reggae which worked so well. It was polished but had a genuine ‘rawness’ to it. Big success came with the song ‘大懶堂’a song predominately centred around the lazy youth culture and their unwillingness to do anything productive.

Often songs caused controversy like “冚家拎” (Hum Ga Ling) other  times they sparked a feeling of identity and inspiration “1127” a most poignant Bruce Lee tribute.

Their talent was never in question and their motives were strong (Chinese identity, oppression, social awareness, youth culture) but ultimately in a society where the voice of ethical reason prevails even if it meant sweeping issues (many that were addressed by LMF) under the carpet LMF could not survive and in 2003 disbanded (income spilt 10+ ways was never going to be a good thing either).



Buy LMF albums here

And so came 24 herbs (Yar Sei Mei) formed by Kit and Phat formerly of LMF the sound is distinctly more hip-hop and the metal/rock aspect of the sound has been toned down. Stand out songs like ‘respect tou PK’and ‘one night in DI’ are perfect examples of the new canto-hip hop sound.

Respect tou PK


Buy 24 Herbs Music Here

MC Yan went onto help shamed star Edison Chen for a for a few years and also fronts the band Yellow peril.

The current state of canto hip-hop is still a very uncertain area with the emergence of MC Jin from America breaking out in the past few years and taking a more main stream approach in HK we are still in need of the truth speaking voice of Hip Hop like LMF which is why in 2009 they did a comeback (Jay-z style) and released two singles of which 揸緊中指 was the showpiece.


I hope the recent revival tours and the release of the 2009 LMF singles is enough to revive what was such a promising prospect for HK music so many years ago. It inspired mixing genres, creativity, speaking the truth, lyrical content and above all let ‘men’ be ‘men’ and not be the floppy haired cry babies we often see in cantopop videos (not that there is anything wrong with that – It’s just nice to have a change, you know what the F*ck i’m saying?)

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The Treasure Hunter

The Treasure Hunter (DVD)

Chen Dao Ming (Actor) | Jay Chou (Actor) | Ching Siu Tung (Action Director) | Lin Chi Ling (Actor)
On DVD Now
List: £10.88
Save: £1.28 (12%)
Taiwan superstar Jay Chou and top model Lin Chi Ling (Red Cliff) embark on the adventure of a lifetime in the tomb-raiding action fantasy The Treasure Hunter. Directed by Kevin Chu who earlier worked with Jay Chou on Kung Fu Dunk, The Treasure Hunter is an eclectic mix of Indiana Jones, The Mummy, spaghetti western, and martial arts adventure, with thrilling action scenes choreographed by Ching Siu Tung. Acclaimed actors Chen Daoming (Hero) and Eric Tsang (Infernal Affairs) are along for the ride as tomb raiders with agendas of their own.
Now available on: http://tinyurl.com/ylsm5ln
Watch trailer here:

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Bodyguards And Assassins

Bodyguards And Assassins (DVD)

Leon Lai (Actor) | Donnie Yen (Actor) | Peter Chan (Producer) | Nicholas Tse (Actor)

On DVD Now

Price: US$18.49 [~£11.84]

Availability: Usually ships within 1 to 2 days

Related promotions:

Hong Kong films don’t come much bigger than this. Directed by Teddy Chan and co-produced by Peter Chan, the highly anticipated blockbuster Bodyguards and Assassins brings together an awe-inspiring all-star cast for a thrilling retelling of a brief but significant moment in modern Chinese history. Inspired by true events, Bodyguards and Assassins revolves around Sun Yat-sen’s visit to Hong Kong in 1906, and the brave bodyguards who protect him from an assassination attempt. Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Nicholas Tse, Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor Wang Xueqi, Taiwan actor Wang Bo Chieh (Winds of September), NBA basketball player Mengke Bateer, and pop idol Chris Lee portray eight heroes from different walks of life who rise to the occasion in Hong Kong’s finest hour.  Hu Jun plays the leader of the Qing assassins, while Eric Tsang, Simon Yam, and Fan Bingbing take supporting roles. Zhang Hanyu, Jacky Cheung, and Michelle Reis also make key cameo appearances.

This DVD is now available on: http://tinyurl.com/yh3s3y4

Movie Trailer:

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