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Twins are back! Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung are back together as Twins. They are to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum. There will staging a two show concert on 16th and 17th of April. Great news? Well it’s got to be for the die hard fans.

Since Gillian Chung’s involvement in the scandal with Edison Chen, her popularity fell dramatically. Still to this day, she’s not gaining support from the public and Charlene Choi’s fans. The fans of Charlene have even commented in forums to say Gillian should leave Charlene alone.

This concert will be their first since 2006, this time they are to prove the strenght and maturity of their performances and voices. We are promised to see a different side of twins, not the naive young girls anymore. The concept of the show will be based on their latest single “Everybody bounce up.” They want to send a message across to all that no matter what situations Twins get themselves into, they will always bounce back up to reach their goals.

The theme of the concert is created by Tomas Chan. In the concert poster (above), Twins are the main focus and they are dressed exactly the same to prove they are back together as one act. Both Charlene (left) and Gillian (Left) are dressed in a more rock ‘n’ roll style, so we may see more performances from them base on that.

The concerts are on sale now! If you are going, write me a review please.



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Love Mi 演唱會Live Karaoke (3DVD) All Region

優惠價: US$30.49 [~£19.53]

原價: £23.05

節省: £3.52 (15%)

為紀念入行廿年,鄭秀文自2009年全面復出以來,12月率先推出首張全新大碟《信 FAITH》,再發行首本個人著作《值得》及唱片《望 HOPE》,並在12月24日開始舉行一連十場的跨年演唱會《LOVE Mi 鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會》,以完成她的年度計劃「信.望.愛」三部曲。

首批限量精裝版以三碟裝DVD發行,《Love Mi演唱會》雙DVD記錄超過120分鐘的演唱會現場實況,隨碟還附上全長55分鐘的Bonus DVD額外收錄了Sammi在十場個唱中表演的作品,包括翻唱鍾舒漫作品「給自己的信」,以及演唱會 製作特輯。


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Love Mi Concert Live Karaoke (3DVD) All region

Price: US$30.49 [~£19.53]

List: £23.05

Save: £3.52 (15%)

The highly anticipated Sammi Cheng Love Mi Concert Live DVD comes as the third and final piece of her Faith / Hope / Love project. The stunning show is captured in high definition in this 3-disc karaoke DVD that contains a total of 178 minutes of concert and backstage footage.

Buy it now at : YESASIA

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