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Tayangsol.com (Kpop fashion) is holding a competition, giving away two ipod shuffles! Simply join their facebook page and update your status! For full infomation visit: http://tinyurl.com/34ez4k9


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Hello guys…Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been busy with site developing. Here’s a clip of a Korean kid, showing the big boys how it should be done:

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In this month (April), we will see Rain releasing his special album “Back To The Basic.” The original released date for this album was 1st April but now it has been pushed back a week, to 7th April.

It is reported that in Rain’s title song for this album is a ballad song, which is different to his usual dance songs. We’re looking forward to hear it!

Here on YoYoAsia, we have  teaser clips of Rain’s album. Check out his new style!

Here are some photos of his new style:


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Here we have a video clip of a guy called the “Gingerbread Man,” playing “Tong Hua” by Michael Wong (Guang Liang) on the keyboard. The Gingerbread Man cannot read music, he learned this song by listening (by ear) then through trial and error to try and perfect it.

Although he admitted that he is nowhere near good enough. But at YoYoAsia, we think it’s a good start. Hope you will perfect the song soon and maybe add the singing into it too. Thanks to The Gingerbread Man’s friend for the video. We would like to see more clips from YoYoAsia viewers. Can email me on yoyoasia1@googlemail.com


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Aaron Kwok: The story behind the Man, the money, the women and the rest!

Aaron Kwok face

On October 26th 1965 , The Kwok family welcomed their youngest member into the world  郭富 . The early life of Aaron was not out of the ordinary to most – Although the family rules where strict his childhood certainly was not a deprived one.

During his teenage years Aaron’s father wanted him to follow in the family tradition of selling jewellery but Aaron Kwok had other ideas and became a waiter, before his first break into the entertainment industry aged 19 – as a dancer for TVB in 1984. Now aged 44 and having over 25 years in the entertainment industry YoyoAsia take a look at the mega force of Asia that is Aaron Kwok!

Aaron’s boyish good looks were obviously going to be his first standout asset that would break him into the big time in his early twenties Aaron scored a part in a Taiwanese commercial – this commercial would see him become a mega sex symbol, So much so the posters of the ad campaign featuring Aaron’s image were ripped off walls to be kept by his female fans.

Following the release of his first album ‘loving you endlessly’ Aaron became one of the ‘4 Heavenly kings’. The rest in relation to his entertainment work as they say – is history.

The Success

Drawing dancing inspiration from his idol Michael Jackson , Kwok quickly became recognised as a competent dancer! Early in his career this was his major selling point as one of the 4 heavenly kings. In addition to his dancing ability locally in Hong Kong from 1991 to 2001 he won a major award every year for his singing accomplishments. In 1999 he was acknowledged as the “Asia Pacific most popular artist”.

As an actor Kwok was a major hit on TVB in the late 80’s early 90’s in many TV series, it was almost as if he was knocking out series back-to-back for the better part of a decade! He became an accomplished film actor too starring in many smash hit movies including Storm Riders and Divergence. He won the Best Actor Award at the 43rd Golden Horse Awards on November 24, 2006 for his role in the film After This Our Exile.

The Wealth

Aaron Kwok is known to be a top earner in the industry his amazing work ethic has meant he has been reported to earn up to HK$187 million ($36m) in a single year!

He is reported to be worth over $200m in total.

The women

Aaron’s luck with women has never been in question – Having the ability to dance and sing and look like a goddamn superstar all at once was never going to hamper Mr. Kwok’s chances of getting ‘some’.

However just  how ‘much’ he has had is pretty f-ing spectacular by anyone’s standard unless you are Hugh Hefner or George Clooney ….


Aaron’s current squeeze is Chinese model Lynn Xiong (above) although they have not yet confirmed of being together he did spend valentine’s 2009 with her.

Past girlfriends include Japanese beauty queen Norika Fujiwara and Christy Chung.

Aaron isn’t just after the celeb women though in May 2009 he was supposed to have been caught flirting with Taiwanese air hostesses even arranging to meet them in their hotel rooms.

In 1999 he was also caught in sex scandal involving being secretly filmed whilst having sex.

Even earlier in his career and to know Aaron has been accused of being everything from Gay to bisexual.

The Cars

“I enjoy fast cars more than I enjoy women” These are the (translated) words of Aaron Kwok himself! Now for a man who has probably ‘had’ more women than 100 men’s lifetimes this is a pretty big claim. Being an avid sports car collector and amateur motor racer Aaron’s whip game is bound to be damn good! Let’s take a look at Aaron’s most impressive ‘whips’…..

Pagani Zonda

Lamborghini Murcielaigo

Ferrari Enzo

The Future

Aaron Kwok is living the life that most guys in their twenties would die for! He is filthy rich and knows how to enjoy it! From Japanese beauty queens to Taiwanese air hostesses and possibly settling with a Chinese super model he certainly knows how to pick his women.

Physically impressive as he has ever been at the ripe old age of 44 he certainly doesn’t look a day over 30! And judging by the way he treats Hong Kong as his own personal racetrack riding in his Lambo’s, Ferrari’s and his Zonda Aaron certainly doesn’t feel like a guy in his mid-forties.

Roll on 50 for King Aaron it certainly doesn’t look like this Heavenly King is showing any signs of slowing down or settling anytime soon! He merely picked the best time of his life and stayed there for the better part of 20 years and why not? – expensive cars, millions of dollars, beautiful women and fame across Asia who could  grow tired of all that?

Credit: taeyangsol.com

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