Private Corner

Jacky Cheung Jazzes up in his “Private Corner”

God Of Songs, Jacky Cheung has so far produced a whopping 57 albums in his 26 year long career. His latest album, ” Private Corner ” is his first Cantonese album since “Life Is Like A Dream” in 2004, and we now see him venturing out into the world of Jazz music.

The New Challenge

This style of music has the instruments flowing their own melody & rather than following the tune, the vocals are a complimenting accompaniment singing it’s own expressive song, that when fused together – creates the musical art we know as Jazz. For this reason, it makes this style of music one of the toughest to present. So how does “Hok Yau (Jacky Cheung)” do in his latest jazzed up quest?

Private Corner” compiles many various styles of Jazz, such as the slow & seductive blues in  迷你 (track 1) & 戀上你背面 (track 6), ragtime (a.k.a happy jazz) is sampled in “Double Trouble(track 2. While 月巴女且  (track 5) experiments with 1930s swing, and show jazz is performed in 不只有緣  (track 3). Each song is full of emotion & showcases Jacky’s trademark baritone vocals to be more charismatic than ever – The whole album is like a musical story, and the listener can really get the feel of being in an atmospheric speakeasy or a classy cabaret show. The authentic instrumentals perfectly compliment Cheung’s voice & they go together like Ying & Yang, smoothly harmonised & so pleasant to the ears: Which seems to always be the case no matter what type of song the talented JC opts for – whether it be the classic powerful love ballads he’s famed for, or his cantopop & mandopop hits loved by the whole nation, his talent is overwhelming & admired by most.

The Most Talented?

Jacky’s also experimented with different genres of rock (alternative, light grunge, art rock) and I think most will agree when I say he’s outstanding no matter what he sings – even when it’s something completely different & alien to him, he’s proved time & time again he can do it. Not only does he get the job done, it gets done in his own particular branded style, with extra polish to make any song his own. Yes, he owns the song, any song, every song – he truly is a musical chameleon. It’s not hard to understand why he’s been dubbed “God of Songs” – and rightfully too, as I can think of no candidate who could compete. Jacky Cheung is in a league of his own – Really… What can’t this 49 year old do?! This quarter of the “4 Heavenly Kings” is top vintage, an all round legend.

The Gifted Jacky Cheung

It’s not only due to his gifted musical talent – he also possesses great acting skills, is a well-rounded family man who’s charitable, has a grounded personality & quirky humour which gives him great public relations with the mutual respect of the media & with society. There really isn’t one bad word I can say about this man! The multi-talented mogul who’s won numerous prestigious awards (too many to be listed!) is so hard driven he deserves all the success he has & more… What will he bring next to his colourful career? The way we’ve seen him exceedingly push the limits, I’m beginning to think that for our 歌神 – God of Song: there are no limits…

Here’s his live performance of 迷你:




Superstars are linked to being glam & beautiful, but could they still be the stars that shine & illuminate the industry if they did not fit the idealistic standards of looks that are being put upon them?

The old saying “Beauty is skin deep” really is becoming old, as it’s been revealed that many stars of Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan & Japan have been turning to cosmetic surgery to perfect their looks. It’s become so popular in fact, that the more difficult task would be to name celebrities that haven’t been under any flaw correcting procedure.

The most common operation of all is blepharoplasty, which alters the eyelids to create a double fold.



The mighty Jackie Chan was born with single eyelids, until he had the double lid op back in 1976. The reason he gave? He craved for a more “western” look. Just a few years later, his career in Hollywood was born & has flourished ever since. Would he still have had his booming success if he’d left his typically oriental eyes as they were?  Yes, we may think so now, but would he had been accepted by the western world in the first place, based on talent alone?



Another star who had ascending success after going under the knife is Hong Kong singer Leo Ku who had been in the entertainment industry since 1991 but had never been a major star. In 2000, he’d seeked advice from a metaphysicist & was told that by making his eyes bigger, his luck in the industry would increase as bigger eyes create greater affinity with the audience. This advice proved to be helpful as since 2003, Ku’s popularity rose dramatically is now has a firm & secure place the top, being referred to as one of the ‘New Four Big Heavenly Kings’.

It is a known fact that a higher percentage of the East-Asian population have single eyelids as opposed to double, so why is it that the majority of faces we see through the media nowadays all have big, beautiful & round, double-lidded eyes? It’s what’s considered more attractive, but who put that idealism there in the first place? Is that what the audience wants, influencing the stars into giving us what we want to see. Or is it because the stars looks are influencing the audience’s minds into what’s considered as beautiful?

Would stars such as Jackie Chan, Leo Ku, Takeshi Kaneshiro – who’s talent cannot be denied, still possess their status today if they had their natural looks, which weren’t even unattractive in the first place!

A few other stars who have admitted to altering their faces are Chow Yun Fat, Kim Dong Wan, Baek Ji Young, Dave Wong Kit & Fan Bing Bing, amongst many others. Although the public doesn’t feel the need for confirmation, and even when surgery has been blatant, it is not seen to be a big deal in this society, so long as it’s improved their looks. The positive reaction from audiences are only promoting younger stars to follow onto the surgical train. I don’t disapprove of surgical enhancements so long as it affects nobody but the subject, but as a celebrity possesses such a dominant voice which can be widespread over the public, what message are they sending out? Is it necessary to go to such extremes in order to succeed? Can appearance fill in the gaps that lack talent? Or can having good looks be classed as a talent alone? Can stars who possess the most skills in the trade still be recognised without feeling the need to enhance what nature provided them?

Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon)

Lee Jun Ki

Rain Bi Hoon is fine proof that they can. Rain, who is one of very few Koreans who haven’t had surgery, told a CNN interviewer that he had previously been rejected from several auditions for being “too ugly” and because he had single eyelids. Not only did this no hinder his fame, it only pushed him to work even harder & he has since become one of the most recognised Asian stars of the new generation & was named in Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World”. A few other single lidded celebs to come out triumphant consists of HK singer Andy Hui, Grey’s Anatomy’s Sandra Oh, Korean drama queen & king, Han Ji Hye & Kwon Sang Woo, top Korean model/singer/actor Lee Jun Ki & Super Junior – Eunhyuk. Certainly the listed few can’t be considered to be unattractive?

Han Ji Hye

So, although we know there’s nothing wrong with having smaller eyes without a fold in the lid, there’s no denying there’s definitely something more captivating about someone with the alternative. Belonging in such a superficial culture with such abundant access of good products & experienced surgeons, it’s very understandable for performers to surgically enhance their features. Especially below the harsh spotlight of the media where you are constantly being watched, judged & criticised, stars are under tremendous pressure to look their best. The fact audiences consider big, double-lidded eyes to be most mesmerizing, it’s so easy to do so & be accepted with such ease, we can only see this trend rising with popularity as beauty products & minor cosmetic procedures are now readily available, and the public are willing to spend a small fortune on them – but why does it seem like such a necessity?  Maybe this craze will eventually die down once the single lid peepers, which are still more popular with the western world, become such a minority that they’ll become the next most wanted in the facial feature fashion list, based on it’s rarity factor. But for now, the likelihood is miniscule & east-asians with westerners eyes are totally IN – and will still be “big” for a long time to come…


Ayumi Hamasaki

The modern faces on magazine covers today all seem to have an eerie resemblance to dolls, with perfectly chiselled & symmetrical faces, a long & thin pointed nose, then big sparkly jewel eyes all embedded onto a canvas of porcelain skin. Is the perfect face just a mask hiding a population full of insecurities? The modern vision of beauty appears to be unrealistic & unobtainable. Can anybody else see how overall, this can have an unhealthy psychological effect? The faces of today seem to contradict the traditional & typical features that east asia is known for, and what most possess – The small almond eyes, a flatter rounded face, a broader nose with a less prominent bridge & shy lips. The ironic thing is that although east Asians may see this as common & unattractive, it is what the westerners envy us for – and it’s what the majority of us have to start off with! Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think anything can beat sporting a natural look with confident attitude & grace. There’s nothing more attractive than being completely comfortable in your own shoes (or body!) – and having faith in your inner self to succeed no matter what you carry externally. Surely this should be what attributes more to be what you’re seen as and should exceed & overpower any physical flaws.

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2PM is a South Korean boy band, which was branched out from two subgroups containing eleven members. The other group is 2AM. Now 2PM is currently formed by six memebers; Junsu, Junho, Nichkhun, Taecyeong, Wooyoung and Chansung.

2PM have proved their abilty with their first number one ” Again and Again“. Their other popular songs include ” I Hate You” and ” Heartbeat”. These singles and albums have rose quickly to the number one spot on many music sales charts.

2PM’s songs and albums have already won them recognition in Asia and many awards:


  • M.net 20’s Choice Awards: HOT Performance Stars
  • M.net 20’s Choice Awards: HOT Summer Heat Popularity Award
  • M.net Asian Music Awards: Best Male Group
  • M.net Asian Music Awards: Artist of the Year
  • 24th Golden Disk Awards: Disk Bongsang Award
  • KBS Music Festival: Song of the Year ( Again and Again)


  • 19th Seoul Music Awards: Popularity Award
  • 19th Seoul Music Awards: Bongsang

Here we have on YoYoAsia, 2PM’s latest hit ” Tik Tok”. We think it’s gonna be a successful one too. Enjoy the MV….

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This has probably been around for a while but its pretty damn cool….

Some insane people have managed to put program some robots to do some crazy dancing to the Wondergirls song – Nobody!! Check it out below:

This is possibly better than the original video! if the wondergirls weren’t so damn hot i’d rather watch the Robot dance video!

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Aaron Kwok: The story behind the Man, the money, the women and the rest!

Aaron Kwok face

On October 26th 1965 , The Kwok family welcomed their youngest member into the world  郭富 . The early life of Aaron was not out of the ordinary to most – Although the family rules where strict his childhood certainly was not a deprived one.

During his teenage years Aaron’s father wanted him to follow in the family tradition of selling jewellery but Aaron Kwok had other ideas and became a waiter, before his first break into the entertainment industry aged 19 – as a dancer for TVB in 1984. Now aged 44 and having over 25 years in the entertainment industry YoyoAsia take a look at the mega force of Asia that is Aaron Kwok!

Aaron’s boyish good looks were obviously going to be his first standout asset that would break him into the big time in his early twenties Aaron scored a part in a Taiwanese commercial – this commercial would see him become a mega sex symbol, So much so the posters of the ad campaign featuring Aaron’s image were ripped off walls to be kept by his female fans.

Following the release of his first album ‘loving you endlessly’ Aaron became one of the ‘4 Heavenly kings’. The rest in relation to his entertainment work as they say – is history.

The Success

Drawing dancing inspiration from his idol Michael Jackson , Kwok quickly became recognised as a competent dancer! Early in his career this was his major selling point as one of the 4 heavenly kings. In addition to his dancing ability locally in Hong Kong from 1991 to 2001 he won a major award every year for his singing accomplishments. In 1999 he was acknowledged as the “Asia Pacific most popular artist”.

As an actor Kwok was a major hit on TVB in the late 80’s early 90’s in many TV series, it was almost as if he was knocking out series back-to-back for the better part of a decade! He became an accomplished film actor too starring in many smash hit movies including Storm Riders and Divergence. He won the Best Actor Award at the 43rd Golden Horse Awards on November 24, 2006 for his role in the film After This Our Exile.

The Wealth

Aaron Kwok is known to be a top earner in the industry his amazing work ethic has meant he has been reported to earn up to HK$187 million ($36m) in a single year!

He is reported to be worth over $200m in total.

The women

Aaron’s luck with women has never been in question – Having the ability to dance and sing and look like a goddamn superstar all at once was never going to hamper Mr. Kwok’s chances of getting ‘some’.

However just  how ‘much’ he has had is pretty f-ing spectacular by anyone’s standard unless you are Hugh Hefner or George Clooney ….


Aaron’s current squeeze is Chinese model Lynn Xiong (above) although they have not yet confirmed of being together he did spend valentine’s 2009 with her.

Past girlfriends include Japanese beauty queen Norika Fujiwara and Christy Chung.

Aaron isn’t just after the celeb women though in May 2009 he was supposed to have been caught flirting with Taiwanese air hostesses even arranging to meet them in their hotel rooms.

In 1999 he was also caught in sex scandal involving being secretly filmed whilst having sex.

Even earlier in his career and to know Aaron has been accused of being everything from Gay to bisexual.

The Cars

“I enjoy fast cars more than I enjoy women” These are the (translated) words of Aaron Kwok himself! Now for a man who has probably ‘had’ more women than 100 men’s lifetimes this is a pretty big claim. Being an avid sports car collector and amateur motor racer Aaron’s whip game is bound to be damn good! Let’s take a look at Aaron’s most impressive ‘whips’…..

Pagani Zonda

Lamborghini Murcielaigo

Ferrari Enzo

The Future

Aaron Kwok is living the life that most guys in their twenties would die for! He is filthy rich and knows how to enjoy it! From Japanese beauty queens to Taiwanese air hostesses and possibly settling with a Chinese super model he certainly knows how to pick his women.

Physically impressive as he has ever been at the ripe old age of 44 he certainly doesn’t look a day over 30! And judging by the way he treats Hong Kong as his own personal racetrack riding in his Lambo’s, Ferrari’s and his Zonda Aaron certainly doesn’t feel like a guy in his mid-forties.

Roll on 50 for King Aaron it certainly doesn’t look like this Heavenly King is showing any signs of slowing down or settling anytime soon! He merely picked the best time of his life and stayed there for the better part of 20 years and why not? – expensive cars, millions of dollars, beautiful women and fame across Asia who could  grow tired of all that?

Credit: taeyangsol.com

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Rain Jeong Ji Hoon

Lee Hom

Jay Chou

It can be a headache to choose what to wear this spring. You might end up to be too warm in a long coat, especially when going indoors and too cold to wear just a shirt or a t- shirt. A blazer is the choice for this spring because of it’s versatility. A blazer can adapt to all kinds of occasions whether as an evening wear or casual wear. With all kinds of blazers out there in the shops and online sure you will find some that will suit your occasions and the rest of your clothes.

Blaze Through The Spring

Jay Chou

William Chan

Blazers have been around for many years and I’m sure you will find one or two in your wardrobe somewhere. So you guys won’t need explaining what one is. Dig out that blazer and check out the fitting, as this is an very important issue to your whole style. It can ruin your look if your blazer is too big, it will make you look like you stole your dad’s. Putting any blazer on isn’t the key, so a well fitted blazer is very important here.

How should a blazer fit? From past experience and  specialist’s advice, first you should choose a correct chest size. Make sure to measure your chest. when trying on the blazer, an easy way of finding out whether a blazer is a good fit or not with limited tools is by using your hand. Put the blazer on, button up and put you hand on your chest. A good fit should leave a gap just enough to fit your hand through. By that, the gap is when your palm is touching your chest and the top of your hand is touching the inside of the blazer. Hope you get what I mean. it’s a very small gap.

The other important issue for a well fitted blazer is where the blazer cuff should rest. The cuff would be too long if it’s resting against the back of the hand, and it should never touch the base of your palm. That would look pretty ridiculous. Get to the point? The blazer cuff should rest 1.5cm to 2cm before reaching your hand. This will allow you to show your shirt to give layering, or if it’s the casual look (with t-shirt inside) then it will allow you to show off your watch and accessories.

If you’re wearing a shirt with a blazer, then that leads us to a tricky question. How much sleeve should be shown? This is tricky because it can vary from 1cm to 4cm, which is quite some gap. But you don’t have to buy extra long sleeve shirts or wear a larger size. Should never do that. The main point is well fitted. The length of the sleeve should fit your arm properly and rest at the base of your palm. In the photos above, Jay Chou and Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon) have kindly demonstrated “the shirt and blazer look.”

So If you’re looking for a blazer, it’s important to note the above points. don’t get sucked in by certain brand names with an expensive price tag. If they fit well, then go for it. Just don’t make yourself look silly. For more ideas of how a blazer can match your whole outfit. Check out the photos above of Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, William Chan and Rain (Jeong Ji Hoon) in Blazers. The photos shows both smart and casual ways of wearing a blazer.

There are a lot of designs available in shops and online, from unique to the obvious and timeless black, grey and navy. I came across some interesting ones browsing online. I personally like the look of slim fitted blazers as it makes you look more agile, less clumsy and well fitted. Some interesting ones I came across which include chequered, bright colours, crinkled and some even with ¾ length sleeves. If you don’t yet own a blazer or looking for an new one, here are some I picked out:



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Korean celebrities have seen a surge in popularity and status in recent years, the driving force behind this phenomenon are the super-human Korean male celebrities. Their dominance has spread beyond just Korea and they have become idolised and the envy of the rest of Asia. This is why we have come up with this topic.

Are the Korean muscles dominating the Asia entertainment market?

Are the rest of the Asian celebrities losing ground to them? Who is hotter and sexier? We are here to analyse this Korean tornado trend sweeping through Asia and maybe even across the world (Just ask Megan Fox!).

Let’s start with biggest and argubly most talented male Korean star that is considered the number one:

Rain ( Jeong Ji-Hoon)

The first Korean megaforce we will look at is Rain (Jeong Ji-Hoon). He  is a South Korean singer/dancer/actor, I’m sure you guys have already heard of him.

Rain have released many albums, one of which is a japanese album helping him spread his appeal to a major asian market outside of Korea. This in itself shows his popularity around Asia. He first came into the industry with the album ‘Bad Guy’ in 2002 at the age of 20. Rain’s popularity increased after starring in the drama called “Full House” with Korea’s most famous actresses at the time, Song Hye Kyo. The drama was broadcasted throughout Asia and the United States. His acting in the drama won him the Best Actor Award at the KBS Acting Awards.

There’s no stopping this Korean tornado. Having already made his mark in Asia, Rain raised his game and took his career over to the United States. Rain was voted as Time Magazine’s 2007 “Most Influential People in the World” and in the same year  Stephen Colbert came second behind Rain. The voting battle was close and at the end the Korean star beat Stephen Colbert. Then in 2008, Stephen Colbert came second and Rain came third. After that result, Stephen Colbert mocked Rain and said he would challenge him to a dance-off calling him out with statements  such as “ Hey Rain, let’s see if Korean will lift the embargo on balls”. Stephen Colbert also made a Korean like music video, jokingly mocking Rain‘s “Ways To Avoid the Sun” with a video called “He‘s Singin‘ in Korean“. Was Rain too much for him to handle or was Stephen Colbert riding with the Korean tornado for publicity? Whatever the reason, Rain had created an impact throughout Asia and now becoming an world icon.

Rain has been recognised for his looks and also made it into People’s 2007 list of the “Most Beautiful People” in the world, which Rain felt honoured to be noted as a sex icon. This boosted his confidence and raised public awareness in the United States.

The level of awareness that Rain has raised internationally, brings us to a question. How is Rain recognised differently to other Asian male artists outside of the Asia entertainment industry? What does YoYoasia think?

We think Rain is definitely on his way to becoming an internationally recognised icon without a doubt! With his looks, body, charisma, personality, stage presence, determination and effort, we think he will become a huge icon in the entertainment industry across the world. However, it will hinge on the success of Ninja Assassin and the next 2-3 films he may get involved him. If he can keep up or even raise the bar of his current performances, the Korean tornado will certainly become a powerful force word-wide. He needs to act quickly before the hype and awareness surrounding him fades.

Rain’s training for Ninja Assassin:

One thing that is holding him back is his love for Korea, as he mentioned in an interview. As he was promoting Ninja Assassin (his latest film) he felt home sick and would get so upset to the point where he would shed a tear. Rain found it very tough working outside of Korea for a long period of time. If he can get past this and concentrate on becoming internationally recognised, we are sure he’s got the package to represent what is cool about Asia – just ask Megan Fox!

Why would Megan Fox know? Megan Fox wants to hook up with Rain?

In an Australian radio show tilted “The Kylie and Jackie O ShowMegan Fox was asked “who she wants to date next?”. Her response to that question was:

“There’s this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain. And I’m really on this situation right now. I’m trying to fix this up”.

Here’s the radio show, the dating question starts at around 5 min mark…

Also during another promotional Transformers interview, Megan Fox also mentioned Rain’s body. No lie! Check it out yourselves!

Megan, Rain…Let us know how you got on. YoYoasia would like to know!

The other Korean male Artists

Taeyang or Sol (stage names)- A Korea hip hop singer/dancer. His Digital singles includes; “Prayer” (2008), “Wedding Dress” (2009) and “Where U At” (2009). He too has reached beyond his native Korean market With the single Wedding Dress he managed to peak number three on the Dutch Music Chart.

Wedding Dress:

Taeyang’s Awards in 2008:

The 6th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Song
The 6th Korean Music Awards: Best R&B/Soul Album of the Year
2008 Naver Music Song of the Year- Look Only at Me
2008 Melon Music Awards – Best R&B Award for Look Only at Me

Ju Ji-Hoon – A Korea actor and model. He started his career as a model in 2003. He modelled and advertised for brand names such as Calvin Klein, Levi’s and Reebok. During his modelling career he has won many awards.

After becoming popular through his modelling, Ju Ji-Hoon took another direction in his career and went for acting.

“Old Love” was Ju’s debut drama, but it was Princess Hours that raised the awareness of him around Asia. Since then he was involved in more dramas and movies.

Princess Hours:

Ju’s movies:

Kitchen (2009)

Ju’s TV dramas:

Princess Hours (2006)
The Devil (2007)

Ju Ji-Hoon’s Drug Scandal

In January 18th  2009, Ju-Ji Hoon was charged of illegal drug use, particularly Ecstasy and Ketamine.

See you soon Ju!

At the start of this new year (2010), it is reported that Ju Ji-Hoon has decided to head off to the military. On January 13th, MMA (Military Manpower Administration) has confirmed that Ju Ji-Hoon will start his five-week of basic military training at the Academy of Gyeonggi Province on 2nd Feb 2010 before serving full-time.

So when will we see the Hot Korean Bad Boy again? Here’s what he said:

“Thank you all for coming to send me off. I will work hard and do my best in the army. Please look forward to a new image of me two years later.”

Are the rest of Asian male stars falling behind?

So who can we bring up to compare to these young talented Korean tornados? We’ll start of with the Hong Kong Dance King, AaronKwok.

Sure the Dance King of Hong Kong has the style, body and the experience to take his career further and compete with the Korean boys, right? For sure Aaron is a huge star in Asia but never really had the recognition world wide like Rain, at this moment. Maybe we should have a look at some younger Asian male artists, Aaron (44) might be a bit too old to compare to the Korean guys mentioned earlier.

Daniel Wu is a popular actor around Asia. He starred in many films with successful actors such as, Jackie Chan and Andy Lau. But the down fall of that is he was never the lead role character. It gave him less chance to show his talent and put a mark on his acting that can cause any serious recognition world wide.

The two successful HK celebs that have made world wide recognition are Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen. These guys are known for there’s action movies. Its unfair to compare these guys with Rain and the others, as the subject is current ‘up and coming’ Asian male artists from different countries but our choices are limited here.

Jackie Chan

Donnie Yen


So what does YoYoasia think about the Korean tornados sweeping through Asia and the rest of the world? We think the Korean guys have raised the game in the current entertainment industry. They are very talented in many ways and have set trends that other’s wants to follow. Thumbs up from YoYoasia for the Korean trend and the effort the guys are putting in.

For the rest of the Asian celebs, YoYoasia would like to see more up and coming challengers to set new trends and bench marks. Competition is always healthy! We would like to see more!

By no means do we want to see stars from Hollywood movies. We feel the world is ready to see new exciting acts, personalities, styles and thrilling trends from Asia. Maybe, just maybe the Korean boys have the potential to make the world sit up and take notice to see that asia can offer more than just a kung fu movie.

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