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Big Bang are doing their bit to show the support for Korea in the upcoming Soccer World Cup event. I love the clips! Enjoy;

Credit: taeyangsol.com


Big Bang and Yuna Kim have put together a step by step dance video “Shouting Dance” for the latest Hyundai campaign. Check out the video and learn the steps.

Hello guys…Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Been busy with site developing. Here’s a clip of a Korean kid, showing the big boys how it should be done:

Lin Yu Chun is a contestant on a taiwanese talent show. He performed Whitney Houston’s ” I Will Always Love You” and became an overnight sensation. Many compared him with Britain’s Susan Boyle for the looks and singing talent. They both stunned the judges and audience with their incredible voices.

Not many people knew much about Lin Yu Chun, but now his video clips are all over the internet. No doubt he will soon be recognised world wide.

There are mix comments about him, some netizens gave comment such as, ” he’s no Sue Bo, he’s more Su mo.” But at YoYoasia, we think he’s a great singer and certainly should be recognised by that. Good singers doesn’t always have to look great, as long as they can entertain us!

Check out his performance on Super Star Avenue Show:

MTC @ YoYoAsia 2010

Rain- Love Song MV!

Here we have Rain’s full MV from his ablum Back To The Basic, title song, “Love Song.” A very touching song and video, just like the title of the song and that’s exactly what you will hear! Check out the MV and see what you think.

In this month (April), we will see Rain releasing his special album “Back To The Basic.” The original released date for this album was 1st April but now it has been pushed back a week, to 7th April.

It is reported that in Rain’s title song for this album is a ballad song, which is different to his usual dance songs. We’re looking forward to hear it!

Here on YoYoAsia, we haveĀ  teaser clips of Rain’s album. Check out his new style!

Here are some photos of his new style:


Here we have an MV of Taeyang’s Wedding Dress with karaoke and english subtitles. Anyone can sing along to this!

The Gingerbread Man

Here we have a video clip of a guy called the “Gingerbread Man,” playing “Tong Hua” by Michael Wong (Guang Liang) on the keyboard. The Gingerbread Man cannot read music, he learned this song by listening (by ear) then through trial and error to try and perfect it.

Although he admitted that he is nowhere near good enough. But at YoYoAsia, we think it’s a good start. Hope you will perfect the song soon and maybe add the singing into it too. Thanks to The Gingerbread Man’s friend for the video. We would like to see more clips from YoYoAsia viewers. Can email me on yoyoasia1@googlemail.com


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